EcoHedge's LCA Consulting Helps Topl to Enhance the Transparency of Their Product Carbon Footprint

Service: LCA Lite | Customer: Topl

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    Project Overview

    EcoHedge partnered with topl, a company tackling single-use plastic with innovative re-usable cups, to enhance the transparency of their product environmental reporting. 

    Over a 4 week period, EcoHedge's team of consultants helped to change the way topl understood and reported the lifecycle emissions of their new product line. 

    This case study explores the challenges, solutions, and outcomes of this successful collaboration, highlighting the impact of environmental data transparency.

    topl cup LCA Case Study
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    The Challenge

    The primary challenge for EcoHedge was to process, analyse and present environmental performance data that was comprehensive and not overwhelming for the topl management team to gather.

    The aim was to create an efficient model that could easily be re-used & replicated as different input variables changed over time. 

    Working with topl, EcoHedge created a model to enhance topl’s environmental transparency, allowing not only their product design team to assess environmental factors at different stages but also their customers to access and interpret the lifecycle emissions data of products easily. 

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    The Solution

    EcoHedge leveraged its consulting expertise to tackle the challenge head-on. 

    The team employed a combination of advanced data processing techniques and in-depth industry knowledge to assess and organise the necessary environmental data. 

    Through a collaborative approach, EcoHedge developed a streamlined process for topl, that significantly reduced the complexity and time required to access the relevant environmental information.

    topl cup LCA Case Study
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    The Results

    Eleanor Humphrey, CEO of topl, praised the project for helping topl better to understand the impact of their flagship product line. 

    'Having the environmental data available to us has helped to better inform our decision making, allowing us to focus on higher-impact areas first'. 

    Integrating LCA consulting has allowed EcoHedge to offer more comprehensive and holistic environmental reporting, further emphasising the project's contribution to improving sustainability practices across the small business sector.

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