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Filter the noise and focus your efforts on Net-Zero.

  • Reduce reporting lead times
  • Improve accuracy
  • Get better supply chain visibility
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Companies are racing to reduce emissions 📉

Under pressure to set a #NetZero target from:

👉 Investors
👉 Customers
👉 Regulators

 But what is the first step & how do you not get left behind?

Step 1: Measure


The Greenhouse Gas Protocol breaks up company emissions into 3 scopes*. 

Companies should measure direct emissions but also the emissions which are beyond their control, such as product use. 

Why? Because these can make up over 90% of the total carbon footprint.

Greenhouse Gas Scopes

A little bit of lingo...

What are Scopes? 😬

The Greeenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol categorises emissions into 3 buckets or 'scopes'. Effective carbon accounting identifies the size, scale and scope of each category.

Step 2: Manage

Taking action to reduce or remove company emissions is the next step. 

But how do you know that your reduction strategy is actually working?

You need a real-time view of your carbon footprint, to track and manage your progress.

Carbon Reduction Strategies

So, are you ready to...

  • Save time?
    In-house manual processes rely on intricate calculations and result in wasted time.
  • Reduce errors?
    Manual calculations are prone to human-error and need specialist knowledge.
  • Save money?
    Specialist knowledge is expensive and if external, can limit your collaboration.

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