Effortless Carbon Reporting for SMEs.

Take the first steps on your sustainability journey, in just a few clicks.

  • Measure your carbon footprint.
  • Report your annual emissions.
  • Engage your audience.
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In a net zero world, your carbon footprint is key.

Carbon reporting has become a contract qualifier, with pressure from:

👉 Investors
👉 Customers
👉 Employees

 But what is the first step & how do you not get left behind?

It's time to #HedgeYourBets with EcoHedge.


But first, some lingo...

Step 1: Track your carbon


The Greenhouse Gas Protocol breaks up company emissions into 3 scopes*. 

Companies should measure & track their direct emissions but also the emissions which are beyond their control, such as product use. 

Why? Because these can make up over 90% of the total carbon footprint.

Measure with EcoHedge

Measuring is hard.

  • 80%

    of data is unstructured.


  • 48%

    of workers' time is spent preparing data.

    IDC State of Data Report

  • 70%

    of emissions are beyond perimeter.


Step 2: Share your story

Share your sustainability journey with the world by reporting your emissions and showcasing your impact.

Highlight your performance, engage your audience, and ensure compliance with sustainability regulations.

Carbon reporting can be complex, but we're here to guide you every step of the way and help you win.

Sample report with EcoHedge
  • Risk

    Companies not taking action risk losing up to 50% of earnings.

    Source: Roland Berger - Source Desk Research, Reuters, Dow Jones.

  • Reward

    Companies taking action have access to $6.4 trillion in procurement spend.

    Source: CDP data www.cdp.net/en/companies-discloser 

Step 3: Hedge your risk

Taking action to reduce or remove company emissions is the final step.

But how do you ensure the effectiveness of your reduction strategy?

By combining real-time carbon footprint monitoring and investing in targeted reduction strategies, you can mitigate your climate impact.

Manage with EcoHedge

*What are Scopes? 😬

The Greeenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol categorises emissions into 3 buckets or 'scopes'. Effective carbon accounting identifies the size, scale and scope of each category.

So, are you ready to...

  • Save time?
    In-house manual processes rely on intricate calculations and result in wasted time.
  • Reduce errors?
    Manual calculations are prone to human-error and need specialist knowledge.
  • Save money?
    Specialist knowledge is expensive and if external, can limit your collaboration.

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