SME Guide to Carbon Accounting SME Guide to Carbon Accounting

Maximise Your Impact: A Practical Guide to Carbon Accounting

Carbon accounting is becoming increasingly important but we know that for SMEs, the world of carbon accounting can be overwhelming. That's why this guide is here to break down the key concepts, explain the benefits and provide practical tips for getting started.

March 2024
Sustainable Packaging Page Sustainable Packaging Page

What is Sustainable Packaging?

This guide will provide an overview of sustainable packaging practices that not only minimise environmental harm but also support a circular economy. We'll explore the advantages of selecting packaging that serves its purpose without compromise.

November 2023
B Corp and Carbon Accounting B Corp and Carbon Accounting

Discover How Carbon Accounting Can Support B-Corp

In this short guide, we outline how B-Corp applications can be supported by effective carbon accounting. We cover how quantifying carbon emissions can bolster a small business's sustainability goals and strengthen any B-Corp bid, giving you the best chance of success.

June 2023
A guide to carbon offsets - cover page A guide to carbon offsets - cover page

Carbon Offsets: When Should You Turn to Offsets?

This guide will provide an easy-to-understand overview of carbon offsetting and provide insight into selecting credible offsetting projects. Learn how your small business can contribute to the global fight against climate change while enhancing its brand image and customer loyalty.

June 2023
Screenshot 2023 06 03 at 20.13.06 Screenshot 2023 06 03 at 20.13.06

Green Claims: The Dos and the Don'ts

40% of green claims made online could be misleading consumers? In our increasingly eco-conscious world, businesses have a responsibility to ensure their green claims are credible and transparent. This guide will help you to make genuine, accurate, and meaningful environmental claims.

May 2023
Screenshot 2023 02 20 at 10.35.33 Screenshot 2023 02 20 at 10.35.33

Check If You Need To Report: UK Policy Cheatsheet

Keeping up with policy changes and updates can be a daunting task, especially in today's fast-paced climate landscape. Whether you're a student, a business owner, or simply a concerned citizen, our cheatsheet is designed to provide you with a concise and accessible overview of the key policies shaping the UK today.

February 2023
EcoHedge Express Datasheet EcoHedge Express Datasheet

Streamline Your Reporting: EcoHedge Express Datasheet

Automate carbon reporting with EcoHedge Express.

Carbon accounting continues to be a manual and intricate process for small businesses. It requires vast amounts of critical and sensitive information. Collating, calculating and categorising this data can be a major challenge. Find out how EcoHedge Express can help.

Team EcoHedge - Product
Screenshot 2023 04 04 at 18.16.13 Screenshot 2023 04 04 at 18.16.13

Sustainable Products: What's All The Buzz About?

The times they are a-changin'! In this infographic we dive into how consumer habits are shifting towards sustainability, what it means for businesses and how they can adapt to meet the needs of today's conscious consumers. Framing optional. 

Sebastian Wong - Sustainability Solutions Analyst