Currency Risk Management Meets Climate Action.

We've partnered with Convera to offer our customers unparalleled expertise in FX risk management.

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How does it all work?!

In order to maximize the benefit, each transaction you enter into will be slightly more expensive than a non-green hedge trade – by 0.1%. 

Convera then match that contribution, setting aside a total of 0.2% of the notional amount you trade, all of which will be attributed to your business. 

  • 1
    Sign up for the Green Hedging product and select your preferred project type.
  • 2
    Continue to transact as normal with Convera. They will tally the total notional amount traded in options and forwards over a three month period and, at the end of the quarter, will send 0.2% of that notional amount to Gold Standard in your name.
  • 3
    Gold Standard issue certificates in your company name proving the resulting carbon offset with associated entries on the carbon registers.
  • 4
    Measure Your Carbon Footprint with EcoHedge Express.